Monday, August 06, 2007

Various LinkThoughts

I linked to this a little while ago, so now you've all had time to ponder it. What do you think of Wham!? Personally, I'm not sure what to make of it. But I like the art and I'm intrigued, but I love "Destined Love, 1969" and "Don't Play, The Game's Not Safe, 2001". Give me your thoughts, folks.

I'm suddenly looking forward to New Frontier despite the apparent absence of Aquaman.

Batman in Love. A Bully ten-of-a-kind production.

Um. I'm only linking to this Boing Boing entry about Lost Girls because of the tangential Oz connection.

More evidence that cats like enclosed spaces, even if they are see-through. I've seen many cats crawl into tiny spots... in this case the photog actually caught one of them getting in.

What does space exploration actually cost compared to everything else governments do?

Modest Mouse Vids. They are a local band. Checking out one of their CDs from the library once, the librarian told me that her nephew had been in the band.

It's the birthday of Charles Fort, the man for whom "Fortean Times" is named after. I consider myself a Fortean who leans to the skeptical side.

Boing Boing will help you find your perfect candidate. Of course, my perfect candidate is one who will never win, but eh, that's life.

My parents should have put veggies in a McDonalds wrapper, as then I might have eaten them. Of course, now I have just the opposite reaction.

Today is a sad anniversary. Let it never happen again.

I read this article about Autistic Girls, and see a LOT of my own childhood in there (as well as a significant amount of my current life). I'm pretty much convinced I have Asperger’s syndrome, and that's what made my childhood so miserable.

If this is a case of identity theft... there is no punishment enough for the thief.