Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #129 and Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #130.

Gail Simone in the New York Times. Go Gail!

Thank you, Brian.

Bully on what is lost when you wait for the trade.

Please Order Now: Spider-Man Family #7 is a tribute to Mike Wieringo.

ARGH. Diamond is screwing around with their website again, making things harder to find if you are used to direct links to, say, the Shipping Lists.

The Numb3rs production crew have good manners. I'm going to go through that episode much more closely to see if I can recognize any publishers.

Fox has found writers for 24 (YouTube) during the strike. Speaking of, reports indicate that the strike talks are going well, but there is no confirmation yet.

AWWWWW! How Sweet! How Romantic! Neil Gaiman rocks! Watch the video:

I have been meaning to learn Dvorak for some time. This zine has me trying again. I got the link from Boing Boing, be sure to read the comments for lots of pros and cons about trying Dvorak. If nothing else, learning Dvorak would be a fun mental exercise, which would be my main reason for learning it.

People believe that NASA is funded as well as the military, which might explain why some are idiotically opposed to NASA despite its tiny impact on the national budget.

Cheap, printable solar power is on the way. I'll believe it when it's powering my house, but I live in hope.

Just Go Look. Very cool images.

First, read this, then read this. I want one now. Ok, not now, but someday.

Monopoly saved lives in WWII.

Two-minute football game. Time-lapse photography of a game at Lambeau Field. Halftime was interesting.

How to Stop Restaurant Tip Fraud. I was unaware it was going on, personally, since I don't really go out that much. Be sure to read the comments, in particular this one.


A week later, and Scoble isn't as impressed with Kindle anymore.

Zombie Kitty!