Friday, December 21, 2007

Catching Up Linkages

Happy Solstice.

You must watch the video Mark Evanier linked to, which has the BEST Christmas song ever.

I admit, I'm laughing at the poor dogs. Thanks for pointing this out, Gordondym.

LucasFilm Christmas Cards.

Cute Overload revisits Nora the Piano-Playing Cat.

Harry Potter and the Bickering Geneticists.

Captain Kirk mistletoe training video.

Nerd Trailers.

Oooh, hydrokinetic energy!

I have a strong desire to try this recipe, and freeze them as suggested by Aaron Williams.

And 400 years later, 2009 will be the Internation Year of Astronomy.

Medical Myths.

The Hajj has Free WiFi for the pilgrims. Awesome.

Can a virgin human give birth? Well, not a GUY human.

Starbucks' most expensive drink. I don't drink coffee, so this sounds truly disgusting to me.

Harry Potter plus South Park equals...

Bloggity reader Jack Pendarvis makes the NYTimes.

I'd like to point out some eBay auctions for ROM Spaceknight Paintings, the proceeds of which will be going to Bill Mantlo's medical care.

Paying it forward by paying for the car behind yours.

Pocky Marketing Ploy. Y'mean they have to actually MARKET Pocky? It doesn't just sell itself? No, I don't want the painting packages. I'll settle for the dark chocolate pocky, personally.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #134. Cypher, Kryptonians, and The Champions.

Torchwood Season Two Trailer. Not for the kiddies.