Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's really freakin' me out right now, because it's SNOWING in Seattle on Christmas. Real, honest-to-goodness snow. Coming down out of the sky. In large fluffy flakes of snowy goodness. I've seen a flurry or two on Christmas before, but never this much. I don't think it'll stick (please don't stick) but it's very pretty and not something you generally see on Christmas in Seattle.

Driving down to my parents house on I-405 from Bothell, I spotted a large pink stuffed bunny in the carpool lane. Beyond it were two or three other stuffed animals, including something fairly large in the fast lane. I was easily able to swerve around it, and looking in my rearview mirror I saw it was a stuffed penguin. If I'd been able to safely stop and grab it, I would've.

The cookie plates went over well, despite the lack of the other half of the gift, which never arrived from The Swiss Colony. I don't think I'll be ordering from that company again. At least hubby-Eric slaving in the kitchen paid off with piles of delicious cookies for everyone in the family.

Hubby-Eric got a bathrobe from me last night. His gift to me waits until tomorrow. From my Mom I got a Kiva gift certificate (YAY MOM!) which I've already invested in Uganda. My sister gave me some herbal tea and another Kiva gift certificate (YAY LISA) which is already invested in Paraguay. Another sister gave me "seed money", while another gave me candies and sparkling cider. I also got to see seven nieces and nephews, all at once, in a confined space. Yikes! And I had a hearty breakfast... and no, I'm not counting calories today.