Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday Night Almost Random Links

IDW has some previews up, including the new Doctor Who book.

Speaking of Doctor Who, Catherine Tate makes stuff up. It would be more accurate to say that she's predicting Tennant leaving, not saying he is.

Scott Dunbier writes about the Godson.

We need more contracts like this one in the world.

Kevin Smith weighs in on adults who mess with kid's self-esteem.

Money folded to look like... well, people in hats. There are some good Abes and Georges even. It's Moneygami!

Which is better, real or fake Christmas trees? Personally, I have a little two foot high fake tree that I adore, and I plan on using it until it cannot support its lights anymore.

Much better gift wrapping.

A local politician tested toys for lead, and 10 percent of them were unsafe. Nice. Let's just poison the next generation, hey?

Wowio users, download to support Bill Mantlo.

Ah, yes... upgrading to XP from Vista.

Cutre Overload is proud to be mentioned by National Geographic. Eddie McBlobbules, heh.

In the MetaFilter tradition: . (for Dan Fogelberg)

Lifehacker's 2007 Guide to Free Software and Webapps. I'm already using a few of those, and downloaded more after reading the list.

I really don't like dramatic versions of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, but I have no problem with the original text, some of the genius of which filkertom points out. The language of the story is just amazing. I just get tired of seeing it constantly.

First Nations teacher kidnapped... er, taken from school, causing a wee bit of concern.

Finding a son at Lowe's Hardware Store. An impressive story, I thought.

Google still hasn't fixed the garbage with Google Reader, although they've made half-hearted attempts to address some of the issues. I'm enjoying playing with Bloglines Beta, which has me reading some of my feeds in a different way.

Ah, finally an SUV gets what it deserves. The South Lake Union Trolley is off to a good start!