Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Sunday Review

Hubby-Eric got a Veggie Tales DVD to add to his Oz collection. "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's" is a parody/tribute to the Wizard of Oz which tells about the Prodigal Son. I was a little taken aback by the movie itself (veggies preaching!) although it wasn't too bad. But my favorite part of the entire DVD had to be this intermission:

Please be warned, if you watch this video you may end up singing the song over and over. It has great earworm potential.

I watched the new Ghost Hunters in the last week. The first was Ghost Hunters: "Return to St. Augustine Lighthouse". The initial episode at the Lighthouse was fun, but this one was a little disappointing as they overproduced the sound again, with annoying effects during times that I, as a viewer, wanted to hear what the Ghost Hunters were hearing. Also, as a repeat visit to a place, we didn't get the cool stories that are half the appeal of the show.

Ghost Hunters International: "Chillingham" was better, as we got two different locations with all the great stories. The only problem with GHI is that my least favorite of the original cast is part of the GHI team. Still, the debunking on GHI was better than on the regular show. The "horse and carriage" incident in particular was lovely. Ghost Hunters International: "Evil Unearthed" wasn't bad either, with some great comedy bits (they are visiting Italy, one of the team asks "does anyone speak Italian?" and there is a chorus of "no"s. Whoops) and lots of stories of monks being buried in the cellars. Again, good debunking, with one member researching the stories and telling the team that most of them were untrue.

Our weekend movie was Hairspray from 1988. It was a surprisingly excellent movie, with Divine making a scarily wonderful mother for Tracy. I'm looking forward to seeing the more recent movie, but I have a feeling Travolta won't hold a candle to Divine.

Hubby-Eric and I watched the 12th episode of Timeslip, which was in color! I now wish the entire series was available in color. We'll be going back to Sapphire and Steel next.

Of course we watched Torchwood: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", but I haven't got much to say about it. It was as enjoyable as I expect Torchwood to be. James Marsters was an interesting addition to the mythos.

Nothing new in comic books. I read a book called Ghosts of Seattle instead. The author's opinion of ghosts is pretty much the same as mine: she doesn't particularly believe in ghosts, but figures there is something going on that is worth investigating. But her goal in the book is only to collect the stories of Seattle's ghosts, and I think she did OK in that task. I wished she'd done a little more in-depth research, but it wasn't that kind of book. I did learn about a handful of places that I hadn't heard of, and one serial killer I knew nothing about.

In other media, I got a LEGO set for my birthday! A big one, as it goes. A friend overheard me saying I wanted the LEGO figure of Kit Fisto, the Aquaman of Jedi. Unfortunately, Kit is only in this one set. So he got me the set!