Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Linkdump

Y The Last Man has ended. According to Bully on Twitter: "Wow, who woulda thunk that the ending of "Y: The Last Man" was them all hopping in a time machine to go undo the Plague?" But Gordon says, "Bully is kidding. The ending of Y involves a magic leprechaun and his pot of magic dice." I had to respond, "Bully and Gordon both got it wrong. It's was actually all a dream. Yorick wakes up and Beth is in the shower!" Says Johnny, "All of those Y endings were better than what they probably DID do, I'll bet!"

Oh my. A story of petty revenge, denied.

Pal Dorian reviews Torchwood.

Ah, the whine about saving a Denny's in Ballard... when Vintage Seattle tells the real story.

Kolmanskop, a ghost town in the sand.

Um, as I was put on The Pill originally in order to prevent ovarian cancer, I should hope it helps in that goal. Sheesh.

Giving back to the community by giving the gift of math.

Fractions are as obsolete as Roman Numerals! Um, ok...

And hubby-Eric and I had another setback as Frankenhaus acted up again, resulting in a call to an electrician. The cost was a shock. Houses should all come with maintenance manuals that detail all the various appliances and what needs to be done with them. In fact, I really should start recording that information myself. Should we move from Frankenhaus, I want the next owners to be a little more clued into its... moods.