Friday, February 29, 2008

And Now It's Friday

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #144: Amy Grant, Steve Lightle, and Mature Readers.

Self-link: Johnny Quick = Not Aquaman.

The Photoshop-fu is strong in this one.

Continue to Boycott Hot Topic.

More from Oz and Ends on The Arrival.

Obama at Comicon? I don't care, I won't be in San Diego. I'm only doing Emerald City this year.

Time Travel Cat

Suddenly I want to train crows to find coins for me.

Robin Williams Saves the Day.

Mmmmmm...Bacon Cups.

So, can non-Canadians read the Canada Reads 2008 Book too?

I think the judge screwed up on this case, as the trees were there before the solar panels. The tree just, as trees are wont to do, grew. The dude with the solar panels should have planned better.

Ah, the dumb robbers of the week awards. Bikers and Bingo Players, two groups you don't want to mess with.

Five myths about the satellite smash-up.