Friday, February 15, 2008

Game Day!

So I went to hubby-Eric's school today and presented some games for students.

The most popular would have to have been the Giant Blokus. One student told me "We all have ADHD, so the big colorful game is attractive!" They started out just fitting the pieces into the board, then eventually I taught them the game itself. A group of kids remained playing the game for the rest of the two plus hours.

Another game that was played a bit was Batik, which has the advantage of being a quick game with really simple rules. Eric played a round of Quits with one student. He also played Pirateer with a couple of students, one who took to the cheating aspect of the game a little too enthusiastically. I played Quarto with a couple of students as well. The other games remained mostly untouched.

There was a fairly small turnout to start, then more students wandered in throughout the duration of the time. By the end I had some trouble keeping track of the folks playing. Luckily, they were all good kids and they helped put the games away.