Thursday, February 14, 2008


Because I was so sick last night, hubby-Eric and I didn't learn a game. So tonight we had to learn to play both Quits and Blokus.

We started with Quits, before dinner. Eric read the rules and set out the game to teach me. We played a round in which I somehow managed to barely win. In Quits, you have three marbles that you are trying to get off the field of play. The field consists of a 5X5 square of tiles with indents to hold the marbles. On your turn you can either move one of your marbles OR slide a row of tiles that one of your marbles is on. The goal is to get your marbles across the field to the opposite corner. At the same time, you want to block your opponent from getting his marbles across. Eventually I realized that my best bet was to just race him for the corner, and, like I said, I just barely beat him. I can see myself losing this game consistently against just about anyone.

After dinner and before Torchwood we played a round of Blokus. Blokus is a simple game in which you attempt to just put all your pieces on the board. As a bonus, you also try to block out your opponent. Eric and I played a good round in which I think both of us won. I did have to point out a move to Eric so he could get all his pieces down, but we both put every piece down. It felt like a cooperative game instead of a competition, which was nice. I suspect that this is another game I'll get consistently beat at when I play in the future.

So, tomorrow is the big game day. I hope I'm ready.