Monday, February 18, 2008

I Don't Think It's The Flu

I have massive back pain that makes it hard to move, sit still, lie down, and exist in general. I have a very stuffy nose and a sore throat. But I'm not aching all over like a flu (or even a bout of fibro), and my brain is mostly functional. So I don't think it's a flu. Just a bad cold and a back ache.

I very much want to start up my Ripples Through Time again, but there are levels of brain ability, and I'm not quite up there yet. There are some specific things I want to say about the next story I'm covering, so I have to have some brain power before I start writing it.

Now if I could just get all better. Oh yeah: it's safe to call us on the phone again. I don't think we're likely to use up our minutes again anytime soon.