Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Sunday Review

The week started out with a memorial service for Eric's Grandfather, and thus lots of family. I could tell you some of the great family stories I learned from various relatives, but I think I'll keep those to myself. I will say that Grandpa Paul will be dearly missed. I need to read his autobiography, "The Life of An Ordinary Man in the 20th Century". It's on the shelf behind me. Someday, I hope we can digitize the book and put it up for others to read.

TV this week: Iron Chef America: "Cora vs Hillson" (I like Cat Cora, and the ingredient just made me hungry), Robin Hood: "Show Me the Money" (yes, finally! I wondered when that would happen), Robin Hood: "Children in Need" (nice use of Pudsey, there), Torchwood: "Something Borrowed" (what an absolute nightmare wedding!), Supernanny: "Prescott Family" (seven children... sounds familiar), Destination Truth: "Yeti" (Josh is a good narrator, so the trip is more fun than the destination), Ghost Hunters: "Fort Mifflin" (hrm, not much there but fun to see the guys jumping in fright so often), Robin Hood: "Get Carter!" (touching), and Ace of Cakes: "Skaters and Speedsters" (wow that car cake was cool!).

Comics this week: Teen Titans: Year One #3 brings to mind the old saying, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Not surprisingly, so does Green Lantern #28. Justice League Unlimited #43 was a fun Booster and Blue Beetle story, although they seem to have their personalities switched in this version. I was mildly disappointed in the Justice League New Frontier Special, as I was hoping for a little more Aquaman. Ah well, I knew his part would be small. I just didn't expect it to be non-existent.

In the non-DC books, Doctor Who Classics #4 has the last installment of one story, a neat little two-parter, and the start of the next story. This artwork has never looked better. The new coloring is doing wonders for the story. Powers #28 continues the eternal saga. The ending was frightening, but since I have no idea when I'll see the next issue, I'm losing interest already. The cream of the crop this week was Northlanders #4, in which Sven continues his reign of terror, and unfortunately finds a very worthy opponent. As a person who has been interested in Vikings for many years, this book has been of great interest to me, and continues to impress me with the use of real culture and real political situations to establish one heckuva story. Keep it up, Brian!

This week's library movie was Meet the Robinsons. While it was a fun little romp, I can see why it didn't take off and win awards. The reveals of the story were painfully obvious. Little kids would enjoy this far more than adults, who might find themselves saying, "we know, already, just get to the point!" Of course, the point is the journey and NOT the reveal. So if you go into this hoping for a fun little ride and not much else, you'll probably like it. If you want a movie with heavy meaning... go somewhere else.

My library book this week was Here, There Be Dragons by James A Owen. I first learned about this book from the thread that never ends. James himself posts on the thread, but it was this post that got me to look at the book. If you have a solid grounding in literature, you will probably enjoy this book for all the bits and pieces that are familiar. I enjoyed it enough that I wish I could buy a copy to sneak into hubby-Eric's reading pile, and I put the sequel on hold at the library.