Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Sunday Review

TV this week: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: "Big Breakfast" (I always wonder how Guy can eat as much as he does), Torchwood: "From out of the Rain" (freaky freaky freaky - I hate circuses), Dinner: Impossible: "Santa Fe Struggle" (despite revelations about Robert's resume-padding, I enjoyed this one), Supernanny: "Banjany Family" (cross-dressing 3-year-old and poor snack management), Ghost Hunters: "Two to Tango" (not much of interest), Destination Truth: "Haunted Island: Death Worm" (hilarious! Those islanders put on a show for them), Ace of Cakes: "Celebration Week" (the ear cake was great!), and Smallville: "Hero" (Pete as freak-of-the-week, huh?).

Comics this week: My friend D, who buys some comics through me, decided to get the rest of Countdown, so I'm starting with Countdown 7 and I'm slightly confused. It had high points, though, and I'm curious to see how this whole thing ends. Green Lantern Corps #22 was the typical space adventure that I have no interest in. Wonder Woman #18 still hasn't got my interest. It's well-written, the art is good... I just don't care about the character. JLA Classified #54 had enough Aquaman to satisfy me, and Byrne's artwork wasn't nearly as bad as it's been in the recent past. I really like Tiny Titans #2, but I agree with the commenter who asked, "Who is the audience for this?" It seems a bit too continuity-laden for kids, but way too simple for (most) adults.

I like DMZ, but it sometimes reminds me too brutally of the current political situation. DMZ #29 continues the trend with a reminder of just how difficult it is to bring people who have been at war back together. I've been mostly disappointed in IDW's Lone Ranger, so I wasn't expecting much from Lone Ranger and Tonto #1. But this was great! Ok, it's a depressing story, but it's powerful. I'm glad D bought it. My friend D also bought Rogue Angel: Teller of Tales #1, which was also better than I was expecting. The archeology aspects probably pulled me in the most. I hope he gets the next issue. Doctor Who #2 was considerably better than the first issue artwise. I'm curious to see where the story goes from here, though, particularly the bits with planetary populations vanishing. Serenity: Better Days #1 nice set up. I liked it. "The Hero of Canton... he's real!" Bwah!

An unexpected bonus in the mail this week was the final State Quarters set from the US Mint. This one has Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii. I don't like Oklahoma or Arizona. Oklahoma has flowers and a bird, and I just don't like the composition. Arizona's design tried to do too much, and is cluttered as a result. New Mexico's simple design breaks one of my rules (state outline appears) but is otherwise very nice. The Alaska one is going to irritate Stephen Colbert, as it's got a bear on it. I also like Hawaii's coin. Best of the bunch? I'd go with Alaska. Worst is Arizona.

This week's movie was Justice League: The New Frontier. Not enough Aquaman, but otherwise pretty good. I think it might be a pretty confusing movie if you don't know your DC history. On the other hand, bits of the book that didn't make much sense to me now make perfect sense. I'm looking forward to seeing the extras on the disc.

I also got a Fortean Times mag and a couple of library books, but I haven't had a chance to read them yet. I've been too obsessed over the Aquawiki.