Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Links

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #146: Ray Bradbury, Avengers Forever, and Knightsend.

I wish I could afford these. Herbie is one of the weirder comics ever made.

Fun Story: Wikihistory.

New Seven Deadly Sins. Does this mean the Rock of Eternity will change?

TSA Endangers Child. The TSA is a joke, and an annoying and dangerous one at that.

Web designers who think that accessing unpublished URLs is "hacking" should be banned from the internet for five years. Maybe then people wouldn't be so fast to scream "hacking!" to hide their own inability to secure their sites.

I love this thought for the day.

More attempts to ban books, even though options were offered.

Norwegian Broadcaster Loves BitTorrent (the definitive documentary about the Møøse!). But then, Norway is a civilized country.

It's... a... gazebo!

For Androgums only: The Seal of Wrasslin', Huzzah!

For the in-laws: Pug Attack. Attack on Pug.

I've been doing these piecemeal, instead of dropping two weeks worth of accumulated links on you all at once. I'm not sure if folks prefer it this way or not, but there's more links coming...