Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Links

While several comic news sites were careful to cover up spoilers to the ending of a DC book I had pre-ordered that arrived today, ComicList had the spoiler right up front in a headline of their RSS feed. I've now unsubscribed from ComicList and will no longer visit the site. I hate spoilers. I don't care if the New York Daily News already spoiled it. I don't READ the NY Daily News. ComicList changed the article after the damage was done, to their slight credit. I'm still annoyed.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #152: Mutants, Patricia Highsmith, and Wizard of Oz.

Speaking of Oz, read this interview with Linda Medley. Yes, there is Oz content. One of the projects she was working on when she took her break from Castle Waiting was an Oz book. I've seen some of the art from it, and I think Oz fans would love it.

And if you have any comic book questions, Comic Book Questions Answered will help.

Burma Shave!

Going to Mecca makes Muslims more moderate. Perhaps we should make an effort to help more pilgrims get to Mecca.

We're wrecking our feet with shoes.

I don't see any Bloggers do it with... on the list.

EMI claims that storing files online is illegal. So you can't back up your own files on-line.

Pathetic. Penguicon is tainted by the Open Source Boob Project. Tamora Pierce chimes in with support of Penguincon, links to other commentary, and disgust for the twits behind the "project".

A cake in celebration of the Power of Two.

Don't like icy roads? Maybe under-road radiators could help. A pilot program is ready to start in the UK.

The first oil paintings in the world may have been painted in Afghanistan. The article also mentions the Taliban's desecration of artwork.

Drew Carey: Battle of the Bacon Dogs. The zinger of the video is that the woman who was arrested and spent 45 days in jail for selling bacon dogs was licensed (by the health department) and knew proper food preparation techniques. The smaller vendors who get her business now that she dare not sell with bacon are fly-by-night operators without any licenses. So the health department efforts to protect consumers is doing just the opposite.

The zebra pranksters write to the Museum of Hoaxes. The museum also lists three more pranks, one of which was harassment and got no punishment, one which was harmless and funny and got the students week-long suspensions (serious over-reaction), and one that was just strange.

I'm with Ken Jennings on the whole Harry Potter reference book thing. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with him, or even disagrees politely.

I am only linking to this article because of the name of the seal.

Another sad pug for the in-laws.