Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh Friday, Why Do You Only Come Once A Week?

Rest in Peace, Robert Asprin. Via filkertom.

The Comics Community mourns Rory Root. I never knew him, nor anything about him, but it's clear he was well-loved.

Introducing Sea Freak, a comic about a freak who lives in the sea. Creepy, compelling, and he talks with crabs. Via Periscope.

Mystery Parade in Seattle. Cliffe posts seven pictures of an unknown parade, and his commenters figure out what it's about.

The sad tale of bananas, soon to be extinct (again). Yes, we have no bananas. Update: Snard notes in the comments that Snopes disagrees that bananas are doomed, mostly because the banana corporations realize their cash cow is in danger, and took steps to prevent extinction.

Tamora Pierce on sexism in critical discussion of fantasy writing.

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.

The Telegraph profiles Charles Fort.

D'oh! You shouldn't publicize your SSN.

Twitter has a problem.

Our oceans are turning to acid. More here.

A Brazilian beetle may make computers much faster.

Another pug for the in-laws.