Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Have I Got News For You: "Julian Clary, Ed Byrne and Andrew Neil" - I really, really like Julian. He's frickin' hilarious. I love when he deadpans full speed ahead despite the awful jokes.
  • Classic Doctor Who: "Sunmakers" Parts 3 & 4 - This one was fun to watch with blooper reels in mind. It's a remarkably silly story.
  • Numb3rs: "End Game" - The return of a sympathetic murderer was a bit of an unexpected twist, but I thought it was a powerful story.
  • Dinner: Impossible: "Culture Clash Wedding" - Robert comes to Seattle, and shops at a couple of places I've shopped. Not his best showing, though. He forgot the dessert.
  • Supernanny: "Clause Family" - Looks like the family took to the new routine like ducks to water. I think the boy really needs a haircut, and I'm usually not too picky about such things.
  • Ace of Cakes: "Wedding Week" - The hockey cake was cool, but my heart was with the Baltimore skyline cake. I would want Seattle instead, but that was an awesome cake.
  • Doctor Who: "The Poison Sky" - Sontar-HA! Goofy, somewhat predictable, but what a great ending! "Are you my Mommy?" heh heh.
  • Smallville: "Apocalypse" - It's a Wonderful Life, Clark Kent. Someone please give this show a mercy killing.
Comics this week:
  • DC Universe Zero - Except for the spoiled ending, this was ok. The problem was that, instead of wondering who was narrating, I was steaming about already knowing. Oh well, I guess it was DC's choice to screw the fans in the hopes of getting more regular folks to read the book.
  • Action Comics #864 - Starman is really creepy now. I thought he was still in the JSA brownstone.
  • Green Lantern #30 - Another Hal Jordan origin retcon. I'm trying not to yawn. Oops. Too late.
  • JSA Classified #37 - Ted and Selina make a pretty good team, really. I wouldn't mind seeing them pair up again.
  • Teen Titans: Year One #4 - I still can't stand Garth's awful design in this book. He's ugly as sin. I want the real Aqualad.
  • Blue Beetle #26 - ok, I confess. I bought it because it was in Spanish. And I liked it, darn it. So there.
  • Local #11 - What a crappy thing to do to someone. And yet... this is what Brian Wood is doing to Megan as well. Metatextual. Dang, this is one intense book.
  • Noble Causes #33 - Slightly better than the last issue, but only because Frost is the focus. I want Liz and Race back.
  • Star Wars: Rebellion #13 - I'm actually really enjoying this story. And I don't really know how it'll end, which is nice.
  • Usagi Yojimbo #111 - Usagi is so noble, rushing to the rescue. And Gen is a real twit to not warn Usagi.
  • Wonderland #6 - I really ought to read the original books one of these days. I've read bits and pieces, but never the whole books through.
  • Wildguard: Insider #1 - Black Rover? Oh, I'm looking forward to more issues of this one.
  • The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles: Jack & Cat Special - If there was a trade collection of these books, it would probably... hopefully... make more sense. As it is, I've lost the thread of the story and can't figure out what's happening, despite knowing the characters.
This week's library movie was Spider-Man 3. While the movie as a whole wasn't too bad, the scenes of 'evil Peter' acting like a moron sleezebag from the 70's were almost impossible to watch. If I'd been in a theater I would have wanted to leave. As it was, if I had been in control of the remote and not hubby-Eric, I might have turned it off. Good fight scenes, but too many cringe moments to be a great movie.

My library book this week was A Fire in My Heart: Kurdish Tales. The book starts out with a summary of who the Kurdish people are, including their current situation and the irony that the Iraq war has protected them in Iraq. The book describes the culture, and then gives a few recipes and games that are popular in Kurdistan. Then we get the tales. Classic, simple, and unfamiliar in many ways. They describe the way people think in terms that no psychologist can match. I finished the book with a new appreciation for the Kurds, and, for the first time, a reason to want US troops to stay in Iraq. Or, at least, part of Iraq. I highly recommend this book. Check it out, if you can find a copy at your library.