Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Have I Got News For You: "Brian Blessed, Marcus Brigstocke and Alan Duncan" - After watching Brian Blessed yell his way through this episode, I realized I'd have to watch it again as I'd laughed so hard during parts of it that I missed bits.
  • Ghost Hunters: "Haunted Asylum" - I don't recall seeing a parental warning on this show before. But then, wandering around in an asbestos-tainted asylum in the middle of the night isn't exactly safe.
  • Numb3rs: "Atomic No. 33" - Larry's anger at the cultist woman's Ben Stein moment was probably the most interesting part of the show. But the general mystery was also pretty well done.
  • Supernanny: "Martinez Family" - A standard episode with a fairly normal family.
  • Smallville: "Quest" - A search set off by symbols carved into Lex's chest. Yuk.
  • Doctor Who: "The Doctor's Daughter" - I was sure I wouldn't like this one. But the ending pleased me much more than I expected.
Comics this week:
  • Justice League Unlimited #45 - As always, a nice done-in-one tale that I enjoyed.
  • Detective Comics #844 - Hmm. Is that the end then? Or is the power of the puppet too great?
  • House of Mystery #1 - A slow start, but promising.
  • Hulk #3 - Ah, being dropped into the middle of a story, the Marvel way. I think I got it, though. The mystery is about who Red Hulk is. Basic stuff, but fun.
  • Invincible Iron Man #1 - Nice set-up. That about covers it.
  • Man With No Name #1 - Fairly standard Western.
  • Star Wars: Legacy #23 - Set over 100 years after the familiar Star Wars, and not too bad. Not great, but vaguely interesting enough to keep reading.
  • Conan #50 - Final issue of a pretty good Conan run. I enjoyed this finish, and kind of regret dropping the book when Kurt left it.
  • Doctor Who #4 - Poor artwork, jumpy storyline, weak characterization (sorry Gary). Not recommended.
  • Rogue Angel #3 - I'm really enjoying this book. It was telegraphing the plot a little, but it was still very good.
  • PS238 #31 - I love this book. I really, really love this book. I need to buy all the collections, as well. This is such a great book. If you aren't reading it... well, you're loss I guess. But it's probably my favorite comic book right now. And for the past few years, really.
No library book or movie this week, the comicon is taking up my time.