Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3

So. I downloaded it. Updated my add-ons, some manually (had to go into the xpi file with a zip archiver, find the index.rdf, and change the max version from 2.0 something to 3.0 something... and in one case it didn't work until I changed it to 4.0 something!). All the stuff I need to work is working.

Playing with it now. It's faster. Has a slightly different look. I haven't noticed many changes in my usual browsing. Haven't seen any cool features that would've made me desperate to upgrade today (although I did anyway, hmm).

I'm told the URL bar is now an "Awesome Bar", and I admit the search functions there are... well, staggering. But I don't usually type my URLs, I tend to browse via links and bookmarks, so at the moment that hasn't impacted me much. I'll probably get more impressed as I go along.

Did I mention that it's faster? The more I play with it, the faster it seems to be.