Thursday, June 05, 2008


It's five and a half minutes long, it's set to The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, and it's one of the best Doctor Who fan vids I've ever seen. YouTube warning.

Bill has problems with Wii Fit's attitude, which is an understandable issue with a snarky game like Wii Fit.

When Seafood Goes Bad.

I find this story to be heartbreakingly sad.

Speaking of sad, the backstory to "Tom Dooley".

Electoral Vote dot Com is up again for people who want a nice visual representation of the polls in a format that actually applies to the election.

I never realized that spaces are legit characters in passwords. My experience with filenames and passwords has always been frustrating depending on what system I was using that day, so I tend to be a tad conservative about my naming conventions.

Police in Seattle can't stop people from taking pictures when the police are making an arrest. Well, that's the goal of the new standards.

Photographers are NOT terrorists. If you do photography a lot, maybe you should get an official-looking badge for yourself.

The Backdoor Draft is taking a toll on our military. In short, people who enlisted for a time in the Army are being called back because no one in their right mind would sign up to go to the war profiteering scam in Iraq right now.

If you have a few bucks and want to fight breast cancer, please donate to support us in the Race for the Cure: Laura Gjovaag, Eric Gjovaag, or Lisa Dunham (my suggested donation is $5 to each of us, if you have $15 to spare, or $5 to one of us (flip a 3-sided coin) if you're poor like me. Of course, at the moment nobody has contributed to any of us, so anything at all would be appreciated).

Pug for the in-laws.