Friday, August 01, 2008

Moving Update

Went out to Eastern Washington for the house inspection of the Stepford House today. It's a good house, with only two minor problems that will be easy to fix (even for us). We're now going to be waiting impatiently for the closing date (which will hopefully be before hubby-Eric starts work) so we can move. However, we don't have to wait until closing to get some of the preparation done, like the professional house cleaning.

Our next trick is going to be cleaning the garage out here while still having Frankenhaus open for showing. Urg. But we'll be taking another load of boxes out to Eastern Washington soon, so we'll have a little more room to move. Our storage unit isn't even half full yet.

Eric has found a moving company, recommended by his mother (THANKS!), and they just need the moving date. They don't help pack, they just load up their truck and move stuff, so we need to have as much as possible boxed and ready by the closing date. Right now the kitchen and the garage are the two spots that need the most work.

So now we get to wait in limbo some more. Everything in Eastern Washington depends on how fast the paperwork can wend through the system. And over here in Western Washington, we're waiting for the buyers to get back from vacation and have their inspection. Waiting... the hardest part.