Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moving Update

Finally, some progress!

The Eastern Washington side, we're going to sign for Stepford House in the next couple of days, and if we are very very lucky, we will close on the house on Friday. If we aren't lucky, we'll still close after Labor Day. I'm not counting on luck, so I'm planning on closing after Labor Day.

However, I did get to call all the local utilities and get service switched over to my name. I learned that there is no recycling program in our new home town, so we either get to do our own recycling or just toss everything in the garbage. We also get to buy our own garbage bins (no more than 35 gallon, not heavier than 50 pounds when full). We've been spoiled by Waste Management here in Bothell.

Annoyingly, but understandably, we have to be present to get the gas turned on in the house. Since I'm not positive we're going to close on Friday, I had to schedule that for later. Which means we won't have hot water in the house over the weekend if we do close on Friday. Hrm. On the other hand, it means I will spend all day one day next week in the house whether I like it or not, so I can probably schedule the TV/Internet/Phone service to be installed that day as well.

On the Western Washington side, webuyuglyhouses.com don't want Frankenhaus. Or rather, they can't offer us quite enough. But the guy who came out was EXTREMELY kind (and extremely tall). He also said that, while they can't buy it, they can spread the word around to other house investors and screen anyone who might want to buy it from us... almost like an agent, but not quite. They know what we need to get from the house, so they won't waste our time with people who don't want to offer enough.

But the failure to sell right away means we may have to hunt for a short-term renter. I hate the idea of renting. I don't want to be a landlady living on the other side of two mountain ranges from my rental house. So I'll do what I can to avoid that fate, while accepting that it may be my only choice at the moment.

I wish this was easier.