Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Week, Some More Links

Poirot and Zucchini and Bread. The comments are lots of fun. I want to make Zucchini cookies now.

Kobe Bryant likes dark comics.

Metafilter links to some intense audio from a runaway train. Spoiler: no one dies, but the engineer was blamed despite staying on the train to warn people at level crossings, when he could've jumped off earlier.

Calorie Counting: why restaurants ought to be required to post calorie counts. Calorie Counts: why restaurants shouldn't be required to post calorie counts.

Speaking of food, that may not be the fish you think it is. Two teenagers discover through DNA testing that various types of sushi aren't what was advertised.

Your printer is lying to you.

How we trust people.

Michael Sensei celebrates Ozma's birthday.

Here's a great article about a science teacher trying to overcome ignorance in the Bible Belt. And on that topic, Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions.

Green Lantern watches the Olympics. And while the Closing Ceremonies didn't seem to be faked, there is an accusation that the arrangements for national anthems were stolen by Chinese musicians.

Pug Recall (from the Onion).