Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Simple Golden Circle

One side effect of losing weight that I hadn't anticipated was my inability to wear my wedding ring. From my marriage through my heaviest times, the ring stayed solidly on my finger. At times it was nearly impossible to remove. Then I started losing weight.

I first noticed the problem while swimming. While doing aerobics in the deep end of the pool, the ring slipped down my finger and almost into the depths. After that I took my ring off before swimming. Then I noticed the problem while typing. The ring would slide down and clatter against the keyboard when I typed fast. I stopped wearing my ring while typing. Then I lost my ring in the bed one night, and stopped wearing it entirely, putting it in my wallet to keep it safe and nearby. I decided that once my weight had settled a bit, I would go get it resized. For well over a year I didn't wear my ring.

Flash forward to last week. Eric and I had to stay out of our house for an inspection, and weren't sure what to do. So he suggested a drive out to Alderwood Mall, and thinking about the ring in my wallet I suggested we go to the Shane Company out there, as that's where we originally got our wedding rings. And so we dropped off the ring, finding out that I'd lost 1 1/2 ring sizes since our wedding.

Today I got to pick up my ring. When I walked into the service area, a familiar song started playing and I nearly laughed aloud: "Private eyes are watching you, they see your every move..." Yeah, in a jewelry store like this one, I'll bet I'm being watched! Thus I was smiling and cheerful when I presented my driver's license and tag to recover my ring. I commented that you could tell from my driver's license why I needed the ring resized, which made the service gal laugh as well.

My ring is now on my finger, and I'm thinking that next summer I may want to get it resized again if I continue to lose weight. To my surprise and pleasure, the Shane Company does not charge for resizing. The real trick will be getting out to the place. Once we've moved we're going to be a long way from the nearest store. But MAN it feels nice to be wearing my ring again. I'd felt oddly naked without it.