Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • History Detectives: "John Adams Book; Sioux Spoon; NC-4 First Across the Atlantic" - The John Adams book was amazing, and I wasn't surprised at the suggestion of the detective to put it in a public place so scholars can study it. The Sioux story sickened me. Sometimes I hate humanity for its cruelty. I think I'd seen the NC-4 story, but I only vaguely remembered it. I don't think they ever really answered the question... why was it still raw fabric if it was part of the plane during the recruiting tour?
  • Big Daddy's House: "Feeding Frenzy" - It was ok, but why make steak for folks who work at a steakhouse? Or was I missing something there?
  • Food Detectives: "Sleep Turkey" - I figured the calories were more of a factor in Thanksgiving meal sleepiness than the turkey, but didn't realize that solo turkey had that effect. Using vegetable oil to get gum out of hair made sense, more sense than peanut butter. And I was surprised by the results on the water fountains. Made me more comfortable about the times I have to use them.
  • Dinner: Impossible: "Grand Ole Opry Obstacle" - I still don't like Symon as much, but he's finally actually cooking in this episode. And they hit him with lots of nastiness in this one, including the guests arriving an hour early! But the lack of chicken was a failure, in my opinion.
  • Ace of Cakes: "Lord Stanley" - Oooh, the REAL Stanley Cup, right there in the bakery. And that was a great presentation of the cake, as well.
  • Big Daddy's House: "Keeps Me in Bed" - I want breakfast at his house.
Comics this week:
  • Teen Titans Year One #6 - Glad this one is over. What a crappy book.
  • Land of Oz Manga #2 - I don't remember it happening quite that way. I should go reread the book. But the translation scene was wonderfully done!
  • Justice Society of America #18 - Ok, how is this going to turn out?
  • DMZ #34 - Lots of posturing, not much action. Want more to happen.
  • Northlanders #9 - Either that kid is really really lucky, or about to get the worst shock of his life.
  • Fallen Angel #29 - Yikes. Curses don't stop just because you send the victim away.
This week's movie was Juno. My sister lent it to us for something to relax us during our time of quantum uncertainty. This was a much better movie than I expected. I enjoyed the main character's snarkiness and genuine fear. And her family's support was a nice change from the usual fare of anger and disfunction. Yeah, there was some disfunction there, but the family still functioned like a family.