Monday, September 08, 2008

Moving Update

We finally spent the night in our new home. That's right, last night was the first night we actually spent in the Stepford House. We brought out an air mattress, but Eric was more concerned with his work (seating charts and grading) and I was trying to set up other house-y bits, so we didn't start pumping it up until it was bedtime. That was when we discovered that it has a nice big hole in it. As a result, we spent the night on one very old foam egg-crate mattress, two sleeping bags, a comforter, a quilt, and a sheet. The "bed" was a bit hard. However, we both eventually slept, so it worked. We'll get the camp mattresses out of storage today so tonight should be a tad better.

This morning while Eric went off to the wars, I cleaned up the paperwork that had been piling up, cleaned up the kitchen, organized some random stuff, scanned some receipts we need to have copies of, printed a change of address form for each of us for voter registration, and realized that a bunch of boxes piled in the garage were in the spot we've reserved for the freezer, and therefore had to be shifted before Saturday... no time like the present, I shifted 'em. Now I'm waiting for Eric's parents to arrive with a truckload of stuff that will make life easier while we wait for our furniture. I'm also trying to write up a list of things to buy at ACE hardware. We need a few lightbulbs. And a garbage can. And I need to replace the AC Filter. And I want a new showerhead, though that can wait.