Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moving Update

I thought I was getting too much done. Back to that in a moment.

On Monday, as I said, Eric's parents came out and brought a load of stuff we needed, including a large portion of the kitchen (yay!). Their pug marked the outside corners of the house as his territory, then came in and explored the whole place. Eric's mom helped me get stuff (that she'd packed back at Frankenhaus!) to the kitchen and they brought in chairs (oh heaven!) so we could sit somewhere besides the floor. They got the tour of the house, and seemed impressed. Eric's dad explained the fan cycle to me (it's how newer, tightly built, houses breathe). When they left, I set to getting the kitchen out of boxes and into cabinets. I also ran down to ACE and got garbage cans.

When Eric got home, he'd forgotten about the camp mattresses because he was more concerned with work (rightly so). Unfortunately, by the time he was home the storage place was closed (new hours). I'm proud to say I didn't get angry or anything... I just made sure I took a hot bath to get my body limber enough to stand another night on the floor.

Because we still didn't have a refrigerator, we went to the grocery store to get dinner. I wanted to get envelopes, but when I asked where they were, the guy who led me to them found they were completely out. He said he could give me one for free, but I said that was ok, I needed about a half-dozen. To my surprise, he ran off and got me 8 envelopes anyway. THANK YOU SAFEWAY DUDE!

Tuesday was appliance delivery day, so I got as much done in the morning as possible. I put out our garbage for the first time, sent out all the change-of-address stuff I'd needed the envelopes for, and went down to storage and got out some bed supplies. I brought home the old futon mattress, the camp mattresses, a second egg-crate mattress, and a bag of pillows and quilts. I also pulled out our beanbag chair.

Back at home, I waited for the appliance guy, who arrived a bit late. He successfully installed the washer and dryer, although he noticed a couple of dents on the front of the washer and gave us a 20% discount off it (YES!) for damage-out-of-the-box. He told me that he wasn't actually supposed to install our slide-in oven, but he'd try it anyway. Despite cutting his finger, he managed and it looks fantastic. But best of all was the refrigerator, because it means we can stock up on food now.

Eric got home, we went shopping, then we made our first home-cooked meal in Stepford House. It was marvelous. Then Eric and I put together "makeshift bed 2.0" using the futon, egg-crate mattresses, and lots of quilts and sleeping bags. It was MUCH nicer. I was exhausted, so I hit bed early while Eric stayed up to iron some work clothes.

When I woke up this morning I felt blinding pain. My head was exploding in color and light, even though the room was mostly dark. As I became more aware, I realized it was pulsing pain, sort of ending in my eyes. I wanted to die. Then, as if waking up had triggered it, my shoulders and legs started to hurt too. I thought I was going to die. I could hear Eric moving around, getting ready for work. At some point he came into the room and I think I said something to him. I'm not sure. After some time, I was able to get up and go downstairs.

Eric was still home, so it wasn't as late as I thought it was. I got some painkiller, and shuffled around the house. My duties for today are very simple: rest up for the drive to Bothell, and think about where each piece of furniture from Frankenhaus needs to go in Stepford House. I could manage that without moving too much.

After Eric left, I went back to bed for a short nap, then got breakfast. It didn't go down well, and I thought I would be sick. But I wasn't, and I took another nap. This one lasted until lunchtime. I felt a lot better after that, but I still hurt all over. I just had lunch and I'm trying to decide whether or not to sleep some more, since the pain is still bad. And there is technically nothing to do in the house until Saturday afternoon. I think I may just go back to bed.

Tomorrow I go solo back to Bothell, where I have some final errands to run, then I have to finish packing as much as I can. Eric's mom will be out on Friday to help finish packing. I just hope I'm recovered enough by then. Saturday morning the movers arrive very early. And then we'll be through living in Frankenhaus for the time being. Now if only someone would buy Frankenhaus off us and get us free from it entirely.

Anyway, more painkiller and back to bed for me. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few days.