Monday, October 27, 2008

A Monday Linkdump

Free Taco Bell Food Product for everyone!

Free Dr Pepper for everyone!

Death Star Pumpkin.

Academic Salaries from PHD Comics, a great webcomic I read. Speaking of webcomics and science, The Discovery Blog endorses Sheldon.

Take control of your landline?

Sherwood Smith blogs some small-press goodness (not comics).

I want to think that I'll like this, but GHI was barely good enough. How can a bunch of college kids do any better? I do not have high expectations.

The Bad Astronomer tackles Anti-Vaxxers and, in particular, Jenny McCarthy, who thinks having an autistic child makes her an expert. Read the comments on the post for the opinions of other parents of autistic children.

Mark Evanier on ACORN. The Brad Blog on ACORN. Ex-ACORN worker explains himself. "A person is more likely to be struck by lightning than to impersonate another voter at the polls."

After a graffiti scumbag ruined her artwork, she replaced it with a political statement. I prefer the original image:

Garage door in Seattle

Darth Pug. Bath Pug.