Sunday, October 05, 2008


I just got a call from Laura. She's going to be home very late tonight, so I'm to handle dinner on my own. She sounded very tired, so I told her to take her time, there's no rush for her. She'll probably be exhausted all day tomorrow. That's all right, I think I've got things well in hand here. She will, however, have to deal with the next round of trying to sell our old house. I'm printing out the paperwork now, and I'll be signing and initialing and dating a lot of little spaces on it tonight so she can do the same tomorrow after I'm at work.

Well, the Seahawks lost big again today. Officially, Seattle sports suck again. The Mariners just wrapped up one of their worst seasons ever (and that's saying something), the Seahawks aren't lookig much better, the UW and WSU football teams are vying for who can finish dead last in the Pac-10, and the Sonics don't even exist any more. The only bright light has been the Storm, and even they couldn't live up to the potential of all the star players they have and get out of the first round of the WNBA playoffs. Oh, and there's the new MLS incarnation of the Sounders to look forward to in the spring, at least.

I suspect the next post on this blog will be from Laura, although it may be one of her "Too tired, can't post now" posts.