Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Improvements

Norwegian Flag for the Gjovaags

Eric's grandmother kindly gave us enough money to buy a Norwegian Flag, which we've been proudly flying outside the house. It's amusing to me to have such a flag flying in a primarily Hispanic area, and is an answer to the Mexican flags I've seen on a couple of other homes. It also has an added advantage of making our house easier to find on this street of identical Stepford Homes.

Norwegian Flag from down the street

Another home improvement I made this morning was to take down the broken blinds from the back sliding glass door and put up a curtain we bought for the door. It actually looks really good in the evening with the sun behind it, although it's a few inches too long for the door. I'll figure something out eventually, but for now it makes a very good replacement for the old blinds.

Back door curtains