Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Iron Chef America: "Holiday Special: Cora vs Symon" - I really really really wish I was a taster on this one. Really. Oh man, really.
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: "The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith" - I agree with my husband that I liked this story a little better when it was on Doctor Who and called "Father's Day". That said, I still liked it.
  • Battlestar Galactica: "Litmus" - It started out promising, then got really annoying. The whole "witch hunt" story has been done a few too many times, and didn't really make sense in this context.
  • Heroes: "The Eclipse, Part 2" - Annnnddd... they're back again. *sigh* Oh well. I did like HRG's response when he learns that Claire died. And Hiro's "Bad Man!" was lovely.
  • Battlestar Galactica: "Six Degrees of Separation" - Baltar makes me squirm. Everyone in the fleet should think he's insane by now, and evidence seems to be mounting that he is. Plus, he takes some actions in this story that are clearly motivated by guilt. I just don't know what to think.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Evil Under the Sea!" - Not my Aquaman. Way too egotistical in a bombastic manner. Still, an interesting take on the entire Atlantean mythos, with Aquaman actually living in Atlantis with his mother and being properly crowned. Fun, but not my Aquaman.
  • Primeval: Second Two Episodes - Water-based monsters in the third episode, and the lost wife thing comes to a quick head. The "monsters" in the fourth episode are just great! Well, right until the real monsters show up. Then it gets intense.
  • Battlestar Galactica: "Flesh and Bone" - The cyclon's tactics remind me a little of how The Doctor took down Harriet Jones, Prime Minister. The moral dilemma: is it ok to torture a robot?

Comics this week:
  • Justice Society of America #20 - Two different groups of JSAers from two different worlds, so the predictable fight breaks out. Then things diverge a little, and it's the divergences that make this issue work. That, and finally learning Starman's role in it all.
  • JSA Kingdom Come Special Superman #1 - I like Cyclone's role in this one.
  • Noble Causes #37 - Slate's choices come home to him, or at least he goes to them. I like this book a lot, and was sorry to hear it's coming to an end. Still, three more issues!
  • Avengers Fairy Tales #4 - This is one of the oddest retellings of The Wizard of Oz I've ever seen, and I've seen a few. Having Dorothy Hulk-out at the Wicked Witch is a much better ending than the movie.
  • Captain Britain and MI 13 #7 - I love the cover. There is too much happening in the book to follow it all easily, but it's still good.
  • Fallen Angel #31 - Pretty standard existential story.
  • Sir Apropos of Nothing #1 - Goofy book, goofy character, strange story. Looking forward to reading more.
  • Grant Morrison's Doctor Who #2 - Ah, the infamous Jamie story.
  • Castle Waiting #13 - Chess finally sees the monster. Not as strong an episode as usual, but still ok. I want to see the next issue.
  • PS238 #35 - Tyler2's new powers are an interesting dilemma. Good thing the real Tyler is back in action. I think. I love this book!
While I was taking my time reading the last shipment of comics, the next shipment arrived. I haven't even started on them yet, but maybe I'll get to them by next week's Sunday Review.

This week's movie was Wall-E. We were some of the first lucky folks to get it from Netflix, as we're new enough customers that we still have a high priority. I really didn't know what to expect from this movie. I'd seen good reviews, but some folks around me claimed it was a "stupid" movie. So I lowered my expectations a bit. I'm not entirely sure why anyone thinks of it as stupid. It's not high art, no, but it's a fun little love tale. The efforts of human heroics in the background are a nice touch, but the focus was definitely on loneliness and fitting in. The key to the movie was the sound, which was simply amazing in the way it conveyed... well, just about everything. Robots only have so many expressions, the sounds did the rest. So for me... I wouldn't call it a stupid movie. Just another fun popcorn movie.

My library book this week was Hidden Talents by David Lubar. On the one hand, this was almost your typical "teenagers get superpowers" book, on the other hand, this managed to be original to a large extent because (SPOILER ALERT!)(END SPOILER). I found it to be a very quick read, and fun enough to read in basically one sitting. Definitely something for misfit kids to read. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot as a pre-teen. This book was recommended by the Unshelved Book Club, which has some pretty good books listed.

Agatha Christie this week was The Sittaford Mystery from 1931, also called "Murder at Hazelmoor". I was again annoyed by this one, because I pegged the murderer right off, even got the motive right, but discarded the character as a possibility because of all the red herrings. Not to mention the character's place in the story made it seem less likely. ARGH! I will start to figure out Christie eventually.