Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I agree: "motion comics" are not comics. It's a form of animation. That doesn't make it inferior or anything, it's just not comics.

Best story from NYCC: Daniel Dae Kim, better known as Jin off of "Lost", also attending the New York Comic Convention this weekend, in his capacity of being in "Lost," "24," "Enterprise," "Angel," "Hulk," "Crusade" and all that. But he also wanted to walk around the show, buy comics, meet creators etc, without getting mobbed. So someone found him a "V For Vendetta" mask, letting Daniel walk around untouched for hours.

So, how are comic shops going to get back-issues of Manga to attract all the kids to their shops?

Marv makes me almost willing to travel by plane again. It's amazing how a handful of slight improvements makes the journey sound so much more pleasant.

Doctor Who: The Anime. Unofficial, but clearly a labor of love. And very much in the tradition of Anime with scantily clad female characters.

Mickey Mouse Dalek. Dalek Hoop Dress Costume (I would wear this, in a color other than pink). Doctor Who Valentines.

Burglary Victim Steals Burglars' Van. Hubby-Eric saw this story and we giggled over it well before it got Boing Boing'ed.

A good suggestion... when newsmakers say they were 'stupid', substitute the word 'greedy'. Alex Rodriguez claims he was "young and stupid" but it ought to be "young and greedy".

Here's an outrage for you. A 12-year-old girl is accused of assaulting plainclothes police officers who grabbed her from an unmarked van, called her a "whore", and beat her so badly she required hospitalization. They then waited a few weeks before arresting her while she was at school. There have been two mistrials so far. But if anyone should be on trial, it's the police officers who attacked a little girl then tried to cover up their mistake by charging her with assault.