Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday? Already?

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #192: Archie Parodies, Spider-Man Costuming, and Riddle Me This.

I honestly thought that this article was an Onion parody when I first read it.

I agree with a commenter, it's probably just a scape goat.

Is Access more important than Ownership? To be honest, I love Netflix. It's access without ownership. I love the library. Again, access without ownership. I'd rather have less junk in my life. There are things I want to own, but many things I just want easy access to. Room for both in my life. Access and Ownership.

Phil finds an image made of awesome if you grew up in the 70's. Yeah, I recognize a LOT of them.

Cash4Gold scammers are bribing bloggers to kill unfavorable stories about them. C'mon, Cash4Gold, offer me some money and I'll remove this link! Really!

Can a teacher destroy students' class notes? I wouldn't turn mine over. If the teacher insisted, I would copy and distribute them out of spite (normally I would not share my notes). I wrote them, they are mine. Perhaps the teacher should write better tests if they think class notes will allow future students to cheat.

Speaking of saving stuff for the future, we are in danger of losing our memories because so much of what we now have is stored in digital formats that may eventually become obsolete. What good are digital photos if you can't look at them?

If you are lost or stranded, stay put. Don't wander around. Find shelter, or stay with your car. "You can live three or more weeks without food, you might be able to last three days without water, but it's tough to survive three hours without shelter."

This post by Kate Orman jumped out at me. It seems that most of our politicians these days come from that parallel country of the rich. Perhaps we should require anyone seeking public office to live for a year on food stamps in a trailer park, without any of the perks of high office or wealth, so they at least are in touch with reality. I suspect it wouldn't work, though, without rigid enforcement to prevent cheating.

And, for the in-laws: baby pug, pajama pug, and Global Pugsitioning Unit.