Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Citibank = Scum

Citibank is now on my list of companies never to do business with ever again. Like Countrywide, I'd rather make a deal with the devil, at least I'd know that I was being cheated.


Anonymous said...

Total scum. My wife's only card is a Citibank card. After 20 years without a single late payment, and with a FICO of almost 769, we had a rough spot and ran up a balance. We maintained the 769 FICO and continued to make payments on-time. With no explanation whatsoever, they jacked up our interest rate to 29%. We asked them to help and they refused. We were finally able to pay it down to $0 a few weeks ago and today I noticed a new interest rate: 11% lower! They blatantly took advantage of us. I have no doubt that if we hit another rough spot, they'll do it again.

The rewards on this card are only good towards a car purchase and we have over $1000 of reward money accumulated. We'll be buying a car soon, cashing out the reward money, and ditching Citibank. It also bothers me that I cannot get a customer service representative that I can easily understand. Do they employ any in the US anymore?