Monday, April 20, 2009


Oh, I'm way behind on these: Comic Book Legends Revealed #200 part 1: Marx Brothers (1900s), Bringing Up Father (1910s), Amos and Andy (1920s). Comic Book Legends Revealed #200 part 2: Superman (1930s), Captain Marvel (1940s), Simon and Kirby (1950s), The Prowler (1960s). Comic Book Legends Revealed #200 part 3: Steve Skeates (1970s), "Who Is Wonder Girl?" (1980s), Flying Horses (1990s), Mary Jane (2000s). Comic Book Legends Revealed #201: Cable. Comic Book Legends Revealed #202: art spiegelman, Mini-Marvels, Aquaman rescripted (I want to see this whole story). Comic Book Legends Revealed #203: Trademark, Magog, Bruce Wayne.

Evil evil evil (but fun).

Wow. The outpouring has been incredible, and I think Len Wein might get his entire comic book collection replaced just by generous fans. Wow.

Here's a good interview with Lois McMaster Bujold about writing the Vorkosigan Saga. Her words about the newest book in the series: "...I am, for various unavoidable reasons, already months past deadline and mired in the miserable middle, and still don’t have a title..." Yikes. Well, I can wait. I'll just reread Memory, Komarr, and A Civil Campaign again (and again, and again).

I just want to say, "Eeeuww!" Imagine people being able to hack your tattoos.

Bad Astronomy links to ways common sense lies. I agree with the points of the article, but I don't think most of those items are examples of common sense. Common nonsense, maybe.

I'm a teetotaller as well, but I agree with Penn Jillette. The Drug War is a waste of time and money, and destroys too many lives.

How We Signal Creeps that we're easy targets.

Oprah makes a good choice. Personally, I think we should erase the names of the Columbine shooters from the history books. If we bother to refer to them, they should be called "Those idiot murderers" and not by their names. In fact, any mass murdering scum like them should be called "idiot murderers" instead of using names. They should get no fame from their act, just scorn.

Don't Blink. Don't even Blink. Blink, and you're... catfood?