Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Morning Linkdump

Comic Books Legends Revealed #209: The Yellow Kid.

Comics are educational.

Eight ways that comic book fans and shops are stereotyped on TV. I'd only seen two of them, personally.


DRM turns users into pirates. It's pretty simple, really. If your product doesn't work because it's got some crappy "protection" on it, people will look for a copy that works.

Fixing a space telescope? No problem! Playing a DVD? Problem. One expects it wasn't a case of crappy DRM...

Just because a check has "cleared", doesn't mean it's actually a valid check. Oops.

There are monsters in the water.

Wired reports on hobbyists building "fully functional" Wall-E replicas. By "fully functional" do they mean they pick up garbage?

Yup, you can find anybody on Facebook.

LOLCat Theology.