Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Night Linkver

Comic Book Legends Revealed #212: Mike Grell, Batman Beyond, and Wild Dog.

If you want to know why DC Comics is so messed up: THIS! Crossovers suck the life out of a universe unless all creators are on board from the conception of the idea and have enough time to fit it into their own books.

PC Design Mistakes, 15 classic errors in the designs of personal computers.

Speaking of design errors: More Kindle DRM nonsense. Read the original article and the follow-up before getting angry. Still, Amazon has GOT to start explaining what they are selling better. And I refuse to purchase any books with DRM. I'd rather you embedded my name in the code for every page of the book than put restrictions on how I can read it.

Stolen iPhone recovered by three nerds and a laptop.

Three colors, not Four.

Haunt: an experiment to see if the feelings of a haunting can be recreated by controlling humidity, temperature, air movement, electromagnetic frequencies, and sonic frequencies to the norms that ghost hunters find on their investigations. Yes, science! Note: I lean toward a hypothesis that electromagnetic fields playing on human perceptions in ways we don't entirely understand account for a huge number of ghost sightings. I would love to be proven wrong or right with real science. This study won't do it, but it's a step in the right direction.

Pixar grants the last wish of a dying child.

Slashdot on Lockhardt's rant about Math education in the United States. In the comments there are links to HTMLizes versions of the essay.

Hey, the sunspots are finally returning, and scientist may even know why!

Zoo spends half a million dollars on escape-proof Prarie Dog enclosure, prarie dogs escape within 10 minutes of being introduced to it.

And lastly, a video for hubby-Eric to watch: