Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Need A Flag

We need a flag of our family coat of arms. I think the center would have to be the Emerald City from the Oz books (although I think I'd add a Space Needle just for fun). In the upper right would be a TARDIS spinning out of a vortex. The upper left would have "stars" that if you look closely would actually be mathematical symbols and short equations. The lower half would have a silhouette of a swimmer leading fishy friends, with an upside-down "V" in gold on his belt. There would be some sort of LEGO creation in the bottom as well, perhaps a progression of penguins that go from realistic to LEGO penguins over a distance. The dominant colors would be blue and green.

And this is what you get when I'm tired and grumpy and unwilling to put work into an intelligent blog post.