Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quantifying Love - The Amo Unit

Last night, hubby-Eric and I were getting ready to doze off to sleep when the hubby asked me, "How much do you love me?"

Tired, a little drowsy, I said, "How do you quantify love?"

Silence for a moment, then, "In ammos."

I pondered for a bit, then asked, "Ammos? Like ammunition?"

"No," he said, "AMO. Ay, Em, Oh! Like the root for love!"

"Oh," I digested this news, "Like Amor." More silence. "How much is an amo?"

Eric thought for a moment. "An amo," he pronounced, "Is the amount of love you have for an M&M as you eat it."

I thought about it. In the blissful evening quiet. Then, "So a kiloamo is 1000 amos?"

"Yes, a thousand M&Ms." He said, not giggling.

"So, a billion kiloamos would be a tiny fraction of how much I love you."

Happy silence for awhile. Then I said, "You know, a centiamo..."

"One-hundredth of an M&M."

"Yeah, wouldn't it be an insult to tell someone that your love for them could be measured in centiamos?"

"Not as much as a milliamo... or microamo... or even a picoamo."

"A dekaamo would be ten M&Ms. What would one hundred be?"

Neither of us could remember. And so to bed.