Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Ghost Lab: "Tombstone" - Not impressed. Nice wandering around the locations, and it's always cool to see more of Tombstone. The speaker going off in the Birdcage sounded more like a prank than anything else. They couldn't show that the thing wasn't hooked up. The EVPs sounded like noise to me. The shadow person photograph didn't look like anything either. So I'm not impressed. But I'd still like to visit the place.
  • Dinner Impossible: "Block Party" - What a lovely idea! Put Robert up against his assistant, with a whole neighborhood of helpers and hinderers. Way too much fun! As usual there is equipment failure and cheating. I called the identity of the judge. Lots of fun in this one.
  • Destination Truth: "Chullachaqui/Bermuda Triangle" - The first story was a good one, looking for an unknown primate thing in Peru. The quicksand was a new event for them. The Bermuda Triangle was... well, I groaned when I learned about it. Nothing cryptozoological about that. But the story of the woman who lost her brother was touching. When you lose someone and never figure out why, you look for solutions. I tend to accept that there are magnetic anomalies in the area, but I couldn't tell you what else might be going on there. Amusing that the crew got lost both on land and sea. I'm thinking that area is just dangerous naturally.
  • Ghost Hunters: "Fort Henry" - Nice big place there. Canadian fort, lots of fun. I think that glass-enclosed room had some structural issues that made the glass warp. Yeah, that's the scientific explanation for the tapping. Doors closing seemed more interesting, but I wanted to see more debunking. I see the appeal of getting to run around in a big building like that all night long.
  • Heroes: "Hysterical Blindness" - Sylar's body's story is a little intriguing. And Emma's color power is also intriguing. But Claire's story is really not that good. And I'm really getting annoyed with the circus folks. And with them tying two of the threads to the circus thread, well, annoying. The show is getting better, but it's still annoying.
  • Numb3rs: "Where Credit's Due" - This show has been emathculated. I still love it, but I wish the math would come back and the cool explanations and all. This episode, involving a copycat murder, was nicely goofy and yet intense. There is just not enough math.
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: "Prisoner of the Judoon" - I really really really don't like the Judoon. Sorry. I know a lot of fans find them amusing. I find them tiresome. However, this episode brought one of them a little more into the amusing column for me. I do like the idea of a police force so inflexible that they are as much a menace as the criminals they hunt. Sladen got to chew up the scenery in this one, and it was fun to watch, although cringeworthy.
  • Robin Hood: "Total Eclipse" - I was sure this series was over at the end of last season. How can you have Robin Hood after that? But it goes on, and the introduction of another of the famous characters worked well. Yeah, we're well behind on this series, but we'll slowly catch up (I hope).
And that's it, sorry. Didn't finish any books this week, didn't watch a movie on video. Just a handful of TV shows and too much else happening to get any reading in. Maybe next week. TV shows are easy, I can often do other things (even work!) while I'm watching them.