Friday, November 20, 2009

Dental Distress

There is plastic in my mouth. It's just a temporary crown, but my tongue is well aware of it, and sends my brain a distress signal every time it touches the plastic. My taste buds apparently really don't like the plastic at all. It doesn't have any particular taste, but it seems like I jump every time my tongue touches it.

The soreness in my jaw is receding. Slower than I expected, but still going away. When the numbness wore off yesterday afternoon, the pain was fairly intense. I waffled on whether or not to call the dentist back and ask if it should hurt so much, but since the pain was in my entire lower jaw and not localized on my tooth, I decided to keep quiet unless it continued. Now that it's going away, I don't think I'll call.

I go back in two weeks to get the permanent put in. It will be of a different material, so I hope I won't notice it as much. I suspect by the time I go back, my tongue will be used to the temporary enough that it doesn't constantly seem to jolt me.

I'm not allowed to eat anything sticky for Thanksgiving. I cannot floss between the temporary crown and my regular teeth. And I'm supposed to call the dentist if it comes out.