Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comments Are Down?

Apparently Haloscan has been purchased by a company that didn't bother to test their new code before converting old Haloscan users against their will (and charging them money as well), so my commenting is apparently down for the moment until I bother to update my code to Blogger's commenting system. All old comments appear to be lost somewhere in the transfer... and even if I could get at them I cannot upload them into Blogger's system, so they are gone.

So if you have something to say... well, it may take awhile before I can get that working again. I wasn't planning on doing any coding over the holiday, but the new owners of Haloscan seem to prefer hitting people with crap just when they haven't got the time for it. All the more reason to finally give in and go to Blogger's comments. Unfortunately, this means I've got to update at least four, maybe five or six, blogs to get rid of Haloscan. *sigh*

UPDATE: I think I've got Blogger's commenting system working now. Please feel free to comment a bunch to see if I'm right. I'm trying to keep moderation on due to the amount of comment spam I get, but maybe the "new" system will keep some of it away. So... comment, people!


Anonymous said...

I'm testing your comments for you, check it out. I see a word verification and I see options to log in as various people. I think I'll be "anonymous" today. What do you think of that?

bob said...

I generally find Blogger's option to turn on comment moderation a fixed time after a post goes up (say two weeks) catches most of the spam, and has the benefit of bringing your attention to old posts that do attract interesting comments.

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm getting close to comment moderation because of all the spam I get. the problem is that I h=generally don't get enough REAL comments, so I don't want to discourage those.