Thursday, January 07, 2010

New LEGO Catalog


The new LEGO catalog is out, and I'm afraid I may have to find some way to get some. The first exciting thing is a new theme: Atlantis. Evil, LEGO, Evil.

Now, the Manta Man doesn't look like much, but he could be a Black Manta's lackey. The Shark Man is a dead ringer for King Shark, and I think I need one of him. There's also a squid guy, but he's not as adaptable to the DCU.

Also of interest: Toy Story. I don't care about most of them, but I really REALLY want a couple of set of those Army Men. Heck, I'd like a dozen of those sets. I'm not sure why, but they appeal to me on many levels.

If I had a lot of money and space to put it in, I'd definitely get the new Imperial Flagship. Awesome looking set!

Overall, I'm really liking the new LEGO this year. Lots of houses and buildings in the Town sets, instead of just cars. I wish I could afford the Medieval Market Village. I drooled over that set when I first saw it at a LEGO con a year ago. I'm disappointed in the direction the trains theme is going. I didn't like the RC trains when they first came out, and I still don't like them. But other than the trains, I think LEGO has a good collection of sets coming out this year. Wish I was still a kid!


Bill D. said...

The Toy Story set with Woody, Buzz, and RC was a big hit with my son. Not much of a build for 20 clams, but seeing as RC is as much a Toy Story character as he is a car (one that has one of those "pull back and it zooms off" engines to boot), it feels like a little bit of a bonus there.

For myself, if I had had the money a year or two ago, I would've gotten the Space Skulls set and that really intricate anniversary City set (the Main Street one with the movie theater and stuff) and set up a B-movie alien invasion scene. Why can't our wallets be as robust as our imaginations?

David Oakes said...

Squid Man makes me think of Orin 2.0.

(Or whoever the heck that red herring turned out to be. Bad enough when a temporary writer is trying to build mystery, but then to have FC shenannigans on top of that makes it impossible to know the players even with a score card!)