Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Linkdump

Comic Book Legends Revealed #261: Frank Miller's Wolverine, Odie, and Mort Weisinger on the many marriages of Superman and/or Lois Lane.

I don't usually link to this webcomic, but Comic Critics #118 was too good to pass up.

If I weren't going to be elsewhere during the filming, I'd volunteer for The Morgan Spurlock documentary on San Diego Comic Con.

Kevin Costner may be the hero of the oil spill with some new technology he's developed with his scientist brother that helps to clean oil-polluted water.

What Disney Princesses teach girls.

Inexpensive Home Safety Improvements.

Oops. Towing Company Loses Half Its Accounts After Suing Over Facebook Page. And from the sounds of it, they deserved to lose that business, too.