Monday, May 31, 2010

Misc for the Day

What's Laura up to? Not a lot. I finished the 2000 piece puzzle that my sister gave me:

I can't tell you exactly how long it took, but I worked on it quite awhile. I only had one spot in the house to do it, since my puzzle board was too small to handle it, so it was in the way. Almost as soon as I finished it I had to pack it up again. I either need to get a much larger puzzle board or stick with smaller puzzles.

I've been trying a lot of recipes, lately. Mostly baking at the moment. I've got a killer fudge brownie recipe that I make and Eric and I use as the base for our desserts for a couple of weeks after. I also tried a brown sugar chocolate chip cookie that didn't quite work out correctly, though I chowed down through my "mistakes" quickly and gained a pound or so while I was at it. Most recently I made Cheesecake Cookies (recipe here) and they turned out ok:

Cheescake Cookie

Not pretty to look at, but they taste good. I've been using this recipe analysis tool to figure out the calories of the stuff I'm making. That way I can keep up with my calorie count while I'm baking all this stuff that's bad for me.


Chynthia Violeta said...

I'm from Indonesia, and I'm dying to find that starry nights puzzle that your sister gave you.May I know where can I buy thepuzzle? Because I can't find it in my country.
Thank's before :)