Thursday, June 17, 2010

Linkages for a Thursday

The Onion is channeling my report from the other day, you know, my wake up call. And no, I've learned nothing new. There was a major DEA operation that morning, "Project Deliverance", that may or may not be related. But my wake up call was not unusual that particular morning, it happened all over the country.

Bill shares a Doctor Who sketch with us. Speaking of, here's Doctor Hoo.

Rachel shares a science video that demonstrates chain reactions.

The characters on Glee are serial copyright pirates and would owe TONS of money, if they were doing this in real life. Under current copyright punishments, the characters would be deep in debt before getting out of High School.

Slate talks about over reliance on GPS.

The NBC Pipes, decorated by bored Muppet performers, and now preserved.

Who killed the Iceman?

More Verizon math, this time at AT&T. People who don't understand the difference between .05 cents and .05 dollars should not be allowed to handle money. Ever.

Survivors of the Deepwater Horizon rig speak out about BP's sloppiness.

A girl whose father is a climate change denier got a cool award for a science project that supposedly disproved Global Warming. As it turns out, the father was behind the hoax. He used the names of the National Science Foundation and Al Gore to convince his child and her school and the local newspaper. Then he makes himself out to be the victim.