Monday, June 14, 2010


Start reading Imaginalis from J.M. DeMatteis now.

I love this thread on MetaFilter about dystopian young adult fiction, which reminded me of my William Sleator kick I went on in Middle School, when I read every book he'd written shortly after meeting him.

Smile is a webcomic worth reading.

Morgan reviews Doctor Who, spoilers for the last episode. Check out the link to his other reviews, too.

Speaking of Doctor Who, Jon Blum links to The BEST Steven Moffat interview ever:

Cultural Awareness makes our military better.

This image has been making the rounds.

Mother Tracks Down Kidnapped Kids Using Facebook.

Racial Tolerance by Roger Ebert.


Jonathan L. Miller said...

Wow! Thanks for the link! :-) (Wasn't sure you were still reading the reviews...)

Tegan said...

Yup, every week.