Thursday, August 05, 2010


Alternatives to the Default Facebook profile. Some are more subtle than others. Jabba the Hut and Beeker make me want to change my cute Adipose pose.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #270: Sub-Mariner, Comics Code, and Wanted. Comic Book Legends Revealed #271: Books of Magic, Frank Quitely, and Marvel UK.

Oh, I WISH I had gotten this mask. That's just a freaking cool idea for a promotional item.

If you want to read a well-edited version of my Wizard of Oz convention report, it's here at the Hungry Tiger Press blog. Check it out!

Neil vs Todd continues and fans make fun of it. I admit, Peter David has the right take on the judge. If you don't want to read up on it: Todd McFarlane attempted to cheat Neil Gaiman out of his rights to certain Spawn characters. Todd failed. Todd ripped off those characters, then tried to cheat Neil out of the royalties for those. Todd failed. Neil is donating the money he wins from these cases to charity because he's sick of the whole mess. Unfortunately, McFarlane is still trying to cheat Neil.

Kurt Busiek talks about the Astro City movie, and what has happened to get this far with it. As he points out, there's a LONG way yet to go.

The Star Thrower.

I'm slightly surprised by this story, only because I've seen lots of wind turbines since moving out here, and I've only ever seen ONE that made any noise. Admittedly, it was a LOT of noise, but every other one I've seen was totally silent.


There is a cat in this picture. A real live cat. The scale may fool you.

LOLCat Theology and The History of LOLCats.

Pug for the in-laws.


Carolyn said...

The cat is really hard to see! I had to cheat and look at the closeup pic someone posted. Then, when I zoomed in my copy of photo, I could see it clearly!