Monday, March 21, 2011

Advance Warning

I do not know if I am going to do an April Fools joke this year. I haven't got anything planned at the moment. But remember this: Most of the year, the internet is 60-80% unreliable, and you should always double-check anything you read. But on April 1st (and March 31st and April 2nd) that reliability vanishes completely, and you should assume that most of what you are reading is made up, and check your sources and then check their sources. It's ok to be caught out on April 1st, some really smart folks have been "gotten" before. But try not to spread false information and check the date on an article before quoting it (this goes for year 'round, actually).

I like April Fools Day. It forces us to stop taking everything so seriously. That said, I've seen my share of cruel pranks. I prefer gentle jokes that have a link to a page that says it's a joke, but some people really want to be mean. Just so you know, any April Fools joke I play will have a link to that page. So follow links before reporting news.