Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The UPS Guy

As I was thinking, "hey, it's time to go out and get the mail" I heard a sudden clattering of rain against the sliding glass door behind me. After some internal debate, I went to the front room and opened the window shade to watch the storm pass. It was a glorious and very short storm, with a mix of hail and rain, and some sunlight peeking through. After it had spent itself, I stepped outside and started down my driveway... and watched as the UPS truck roared up to my house.

I saw the driver grin, and decided to stop and wait. Sure enough, he had my comic book order and boy was HE happy that I was down on my driveway waiting for him. It made for an easy delivery and he smiled as he handed me the box, and I could practically hear him grinning as he roared off to his next stop while I got the task of walking the box back up to my door. Then I went back out and walked to the mailbox. The UPS truck roared by once more, leaving the neighborhood, as I unlocked my mail slot and pulled out the stuff within. The driver gave me quite a cheery wave as he roared around the corner and away.

And oddly enough, I'm feeling cheered up by it too.